you are my home

It’s so easy to look at the clock and see that a day has passed before you’d even known it had begun. Flying by all too quickly we lose so many moments that slip into what we will call our past all too suddenly. When life gets crazy and it seems there is never going to be enough hours or energy to push through the tread mill of the day, it’s hard to take time to just step off and stop for a moment to see what is in that very second right before you. I would not say that patience is my gift in this life. Perhaps that’s why photography fits me so well, a quick snap and instant art. I am learning though that life is a series of pictures some perfect, some imperfect, some simple and some momentous. And it’s impossible to rush the process, although trust me…I have tried. Life happens today, in this moment and it can be missed so easily. I’m working on living in this space, finding the peace and patience it takes to understand the whole story. I’m working on not letting a smile from my daughters escape my eyes, or the colors of the sunset melt away before they grace my heart. Yes my life is chaotic and then way too quiet at times. But I also see this time in my life exactly as it is, beautiful, and full of love, full of smiles and hugs and friends and family. Full of hard work and perseverance and moments where I may want to quit but I push on. Full of belly laughs and yes, tears too, and it’s a beautiful life. Here’s one of the daily reminders that I am blessed. Every single day, I hear her little voice say “uv you mama”…and I melt. Trying to slow down to see the beauty in those wondrous moments that are so easy to slip away unnoticed. Those moments where a winter hat and a lazy summer day alone with mom can be just as perfect as I’ve ever imagined, and although I don’t have all I want right now in my life ( and I will never give up the fight), you can bet I have all I’ll ever need. You are my home.

Uv you too baby…

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