The beauty of new life

It’s a simple glow. The light that warms the smile of a new mother to be. The I’m tired but ready, anxious yet terrified, goodbye and a hello, simple glowing smile that speaks volumes. It’s never quite what you imagine it’ll be. How it’ll be to look into your child’s face for the first time. Your entire life you’ve imagined this one moment, you’ve heard all of the stories or labor and pain or no pain and doctors and nurses and hospital stays and what you should do and shouldn’t do. You’ve heard it all and it all goes out the window it seems. It’s a numbing moment and the room seems to go entirely still except for the very first cry you hear from your child…and then you see them. You see this face and it’s everything or nothing you’ve imagined but it’s yours. This little tiny life that’s cradled in your arms in now yours. Life to sustain and nurture. It’s all yours and once again your tired but ready, anxious and terrified, saying goodbye to an independent life and hello to a partnership. I will never forget that moment. That all encompassing, spiraling moment that boils down to the first glance. The first look at the rest of your life. Those eyes you look into that first glance will tell you so many stories, cry a million tears, gather wrinkles from smiles. Those lips will give you, bottom lip pouts and words of love and infinite kisses. That first glance is immeasurable. Enjoy it, hold that tiny second in your heart forever because it’s ever changing and gone all to quickly. I can’t wait to meet her, congratulations Jackie and Tyler.

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