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    Hi my name is Tiffany Burke. I'm a mother, daughter, friend, lover, fighter, teacher and an artist. I wear my heart on my sleeve with every intention of keeping it right there. I am passionate about light. It breaths through my soul and paints itself into my lens. I am blessed to be able to capture such amazing moments through photography. I am passionate about teaching my love of photography. I offer web mentoring sessions and one on one mentoring sessions as well. Please contact me for details. I would love to work with you and capture your beautiful life...your unique story. (for my most current work please like my facebook page. Link is to the left and top of my blog page)

    Much Love, Tiffany

My NEW Designer lightroom and ACR presest are now on SALE through Feb. 17, 2014 <3

Do you have your new set yet? All of my new designer Lightroom and ACR ┬ápresets are now on SALE! I am in LOVE with this set it’s only fitting that it’s on sale through love week. I have absolutely adored editing in Lightroom. The speed, efficiency and the results are stunning. All of the below images are edited using the new set Follow Your Art Artistic. On sale through Feb. 17th! Thank you!! And happy love week.

The beauty of new life

It’s a simple glow. The light that warms the smile of a new mother to be. The I’m tired but ready, anxious yet terrified, goodbye and a hello, simple glowing smile that speaks volumes. It’s never quite what you imagine it’ll be. How it’ll be to look into your child’s face for the first time. Your entire life you’ve imagined this one moment, you’ve heard all of the stories or labor and pain or no pain and doctors and nurses and hospital stays and what you should do and shouldn’t do. You’ve heard it all and it all goes out the window it seems. It’s a numbing moment and the room seems to go entirely still except for the very first cry you hear from your child…and then you see them. You see this face and it’s everything or nothing you’ve imagined but it’s yours. This little tiny life that’s cradled in your arms in now yours. Life to sustain and nurture. It’s all yours and once again your tired but ready, anxious and terrified, saying goodbye to an independent life and hello to a partnership. I will never forget that moment. That all encompassing, spiraling moment that boils down to the first glance. The first look at the rest of your life. Those eyes you look into that first glance will tell you so many stories, cry a million tears, gather wrinkles from smiles. Those lips will give you, bottom lip pouts and words of love and infinite kisses. That first glance is immeasurable. Enjoy it, hold that tiny second in your heart forever because it’s ever changing and gone all to quickly. I can’t wait to meet her, congratulations Jackie and Tyler.

Spring mini sessions now open for booking!

My favorite things sale!!!

It’s almost September (MY FAVORITE MONTH), which means it’s time for jeans, jackets, fall boots, football, leaves, a familiar chill in the air, my birthday, apples and peaches and crisp nights, back to school, fall picture sessions….I adore September. SO…I’m sharing the love of this month with all of you and having MY BIGGEST SALE YET!! Space is super limited! Everything will fill fast! All sessions and spaces will be booked on a first come first serve basis. So here’s the scoop.


It’s a 45 minute session and that includes 25 fully edited images on disc for $300. The session must be be booked and shot in either Sept. or Oct. 2012. I only have 6 session available!


This is the best sale I give on my web mentoring sessions. It is for a 2 hour online one on one mentoring session for only $200 (regularly $350). You have 2 full hours of individualized instruction. I will cater the session to your specific needs and wants. Are you wanting to take your editing to the next level? Ask me anything you’d like. I have worked with many people in this format and I have had the best time and such great reviews. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, now is the time. Plus receive 50% off of my new designer action set and if you already have it, learn how to use it to it’s full potential. Only 8 session available..these will fill FAST! Session must be booked in Sept/Oct 2012.


So I’ve decided to do another workshop!! It will be held Saturday September 29th from 10am-10pm. It’s only $500 for the full day of instruction. It will be held in my downtown Salt Lake city studio, it’s an amazing space. It’s going to be a small group, only 6 spots available. This means individual attention, more time shooting, more time spent on editing. I only do smaller workshops. I’m adamant that I get to spend time with each and every one of you. This is a HUGE sale for me, and I’m sure it will fill fast. We will spend time during the day on instruction, understanding how I find my best light and shoot in many different lighting situations. How I look for and choose locations. How I pose and work with my models. How I use my camera and equipment. We will spend a good portion of the day working with models, shooting 2 sessions, one in natural indoor light and one in outdoor light. We will then spend time learning how I edit in Photoshop and how I achieve rich, warm and striking images in Photoshop. This will be an amazing day! Can’t wait to meet you all!

you are my home

It’s so easy to look at the clock and see that a day has passed before you’d even known it had begun. Flying by all too quickly we lose so many moments that slip into what we will call our past all too suddenly. When life gets crazy and it seems there is never going to be enough hours or energy to push through the tread mill of the day, it’s hard to take time to just step off and stop for a moment to see what is in that very second right before you. I would not say that patience is my gift in this life. Perhaps that’s why photography fits me so well, a quick snap and instant art. I am learning though that life is a series of pictures some perfect, some imperfect, some simple and some momentous. And it’s impossible to rush the process, although trust me…I have tried. Life happens today, in this moment and it can be missed so easily. I’m working on living in this space, finding the peace and patience it takes to understand the whole story. I’m working on not letting a smile from my daughters escape my eyes, or the colors of the sunset melt away before they grace my heart. Yes my life is chaotic and then way too quiet at times. But I also see this time in my life exactly as it is, beautiful, and full of love, full of smiles and hugs and friends and family. Full of hard work and perseverance and moments where I may want to quit but I push on. Full of belly laughs and yes, tears too, and it’s a beautiful life. Here’s one of the daily reminders that I am blessed. Every single day, I hear her little voice say “uv you mama”…and I melt. Trying to slow down to see the beauty in those wondrous moments that are so easy to slip away unnoticed. Those moments where a winter hat and a lazy summer day alone with mom can be just as perfect as I’ve ever imagined, and although I don’t have all I want right now in my life ( and I will never give up the fight), you can bet I have all I’ll ever need. You are my home.

Uv you too baby…

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